"As a former school board president in Bucks County, I can say that Tabitha has the knowledge, wisdom, and work ethic to successfully serve the Central Bucks community. She is exactly the type of open, thoughtful professional that school systems need in their governance structure."

~ Bill Behre, former president of the New Hope-Solebury School Board

"Tabitha Dell’Angelo is one of the best people I know! She is truly a dynamic educator that values the people she serves. She is dedicated and has taught me beyond what I ever hoped to learn. She is dynamic, fair and will always look for all sides to a story. She is an asset in everything she does and is the right person for Central Bucks County Board!"

~ Brianna, former student, current teacher

"Dr. Tabitha Dell'Angelo is more than qualified to be on the Central Bucks County school board. As a former student, I can attest that she is an exceptional educator, advisor, and advocate! The Central Bucks County community is lucky to have a candidate like her. She is deeply passionate about education, research, and social justice. I know she will lead with compassion and integrity and will go above and beyond for the students and families she represents. Vote Dr. Tab!"

~ Javier, former student, current teacher

"I have known Dr. Dell’Angelo for many years. I have always been very impressed with the level of dedication and support she has for her students. I can think of no one better equipped to serve on a school board."

~ current colleague

"There are few individuals who I admire and respect as much as Dr. Dell’Angelo. I have had the pleasure of working with her both academically and professionally. She was a source of comfort and guidance as my advisor in college. We were both faculty during a week-long leadership program, and her insights helped enhance the experience for all those involved. Dr. Dell’Angelo is an intelligent, responsible, and empathetic leader who embodies what it means to live with integrity. The CBSD School Board and its community would be lucky to have her advocating for their needs."

~ Carlie, former student, current teacher

"I truly believe Dr. Tabitha Dell’Angelo will make an excellent school board representative. Tabitha brings both a practical and a ethical lens to educational decision-making. She draws on experience as well as research to guide her work, making her a trusted advocate and leader. As a former student, I can attest that Tabitha goes above and beyond for those she serves and brings humor, grace and wisdom to every conversation."

~Maureen Hudson, Former Student/Advisee

"I rarely chime in on things like these, but must here. Tabitha was my professor for my teaching licensure program at The College of New Jersey. Throughout the entire program she challenged us to be better teachers as well as being diligent students at the same time. There were other teachers in the program, but Tabitha shined bright like a star and would be a wonderful addition to any school board. We all admired her, valued her opinion, and were thankful for her hard work to make us better students and educators. Her impact is literally felt around the world as her previous students are now teachers all over the world."

~ Tim, Former student/current teacher